New! Okta Recycle Bin Integration with Rockstar

Announcing Backupta’s integration with Rockstar for Okta!

Accidentally deleted a user or a group ?

• Identify Recently Deleted Items: View deleted users, groups,    and applications in your Okta admin UI.
• Effortless Restoration: Restore deleted objects and their    assignments with Backupta.

Simplifying your Okta admin tasks just got easier.

What is Rockstar?

Rockstar is a Chrome extension created by Oktanaut Gabriel Sroka that enhances Okta with features like exporting objects to CSV, improved SSO display, enhanced search, detailed user info, and more.

It runs entirely in the browser without sending data elsewhere.

Available HERE, it is an unofficial, community-created tool not supported by Okta.

Check out these documents to learn more:
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How to buy?

This integration is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve, innovate, and give back to the Okta community.

The added functionality in Rockstar is completely free, allowing Okta admins to have better visibility and to manage their environment more easily.

Additionally, Backupta customers can restore deleted items with a single click through the extension.

Chrome Web Store

You can download Rockstar HERE

Schedule a demo

To explore all the features and restore attributes, book a time with the Backupta team

Start protecting your Okta tenants, today.